1889 N526 Number Seven Cigars (No. 7)/Diamond S Boston Beaneaters

1889 N526 No. 7 Kid MaddenRecently, I acquired an extremely rare N526 Kid Madden card; to boot, it just so happens to be a PSA 5 (EX) example. Although the circumstances of the acquisition leave a lot to be desired, at least I have one heck of a rare card. There are worse things than having the one and only example of a type card that has been authenticated by Professional Sports Authenticators. Fortunately for me, I’m from Atlanta and a big Braves fan. If I ever try and do a Braves type-card set, I’ll have a great start!

Since I am pretty much stuck with the card, unless I decide to take a bath with it, I decided to do some research on the set.

The un-numbered set contains fifteen members of the ‘89 Boston Beaneaters, the franchise that eventually became the Atlanta Braves. The team, stacked with Baseball Hall of Fame members, finished one game back of the New York Giants with an 83-45 record. The Beanneaters roster included such stars as Hoss Radbourn, John Clarkson, Dan Brouthers, & $10,000 King Kelly. The Giants also had their fair share of superstars; Buck Ewing was the teams backstop and the pitching staff was led by Tim Keefe, who won 347 career games.

Each card features a black and white line-drawn portrait of a Beaneater and measures 3-1/8″ by 4-1/2″. Two lines of text appear underneath each players picture, except in the case of M.J. Kelly & James A. Hart - they have three lines. The first line contains the players name; and, the last line displays the text “Boston Base Ball Club” (sans the quotation marks) with each players’ name is printed in capital letters. Kelly has the word ‘Captain’ injected between his name and the teams name. Hart’s card has the word ‘Manager’ instead. Three different backs have been discovered. The Number 7 Cigar brand and Diamond S brand are the most commonly found. However, a few examples are known with a blank back.

    The current checklist of fifteen players is as follows:

  • C.W. Bennett
  • Dennis Brouthers
  • Tom T. Brown
  • John G. Clarkson
  • Charles W. Ganzell
  • James A. Hart - Manager
  • R.F. Johnston
  • M.J. Kelly - Captain
  • M.J. Madden
  • William Nash
  • Jos. Quinn
  • Chas. Radbourne
  • J.B. Ray
  • Hardie Richardson
  • William Sowders
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