1923 H-UNC Lections: A rare & elusive set

1923 Lections Hornsby

Later this year, my partial set of 1923 Lections baseball cards will be going up for sale at auction. I started collecting the set in late 2005; but, I have decided to let someone else finish what I started. So why not try and educate the public on this really neat, very difficult set?

One of the themes that I find myself drawn to is the childlike nature of baseball card collecting (that’s why I love strip cards so much). I have no doubt: Lections were for the kids.

Issued in 1923, this set remained in relative obscurity until 1997 when approximately thirty examples appeared in upstate New York. Today, the total population for this ten-card set numbers between sixty and eighty examples.

A distant cousin to the “Election Cards” used to promote local politicians, Lection cards were distributed in upstate New York for the purpose of promoting the sport of baseball. They were distributed to children and produced in green and orange/red. The green variation is more prevalent than the orange/red variation; however, the number of each type is so close it would be a stretch to classify the Orange/Red variations as truly scarcer. One can logically deduct that thick paper stock was used in production so that children could use the cards in games of chance. Consequently, most have redemption holes and/or heavy creases.

Each card depicts a head-shot of the given player set inside an oval frame. The player is found to the left end of the card with his name and team displayed below the image. To the right is a a line drawing depicting a baseball game. Spread over the field is the word Lections. The trademark information including the name for the unidentified company that produced these cards, appears below the slogan and in place of the grandstands. I will maintain the gallery of cards my site for you to view. To go straight to it, click here.

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