Where oh Where is Lefty Sullivan??

I am attempting to collect at least one baseball card for each player who played on the Cincinnati Reds and on the Chicago White Sox in 1919. I might have to settle for all but one.

A recent acquisition of collector grade Zee Nut baseball cards (commonly referred to as Zeenuts), helped me add a number of fringe players for the Black Sox. One of those cards is a 1920 Zee Nut of a player named Sullivan who played for the Vernon, California team. Although I had hoped this was indeed John Jeremiah Sullivan (a.k.a. Lefty Sullivan), it is not. While this is apparent when you look at some of the team photos from that year, it is also apparent because Lefty was just that, a left-handed pitcher. The player pictured is a right-hander and probably a catcher (judging by his glove). While I continue to research the man and search for his cards, I have left the “Unkown” Sullivan up. You can see it here.

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